Dog photography course

Online & offline

Dog photography course

Are you a professional photographer, an amateur photographer or simply an animal lover and want to learn how to photograph your dog or any other pet in the best way?

Dog photography workshop

1 or 2-days private or group course.

From shooting to post-production: learn to photograph an animal by making the most of your camera and the natural elements around you. Learn to recognize the dog's signs of discomfort and to make the shooting a beautiful experience for you, for him and for his owner. Give that extra touch to your photos through an effective editing workflow with Lightroom and Photoshop.


Online coaching in both Italian and English via Skype. Duration of 2 hours.

Learn how to postproduce pet photographs by following an effective workflow. The level of the course will depend on the skills already acquired.

Portfolio feedback

Do you need feedback on your work to really improve?

During this 1-hour online meeting (via Skype), we will analyze a series of your photographs together. I will help you understand what works and what can be improved, with advice on both the shooting and editing phases.