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Photographic services aimed at promoting the image of a brand and its products

It’s no secret: professional photos increasingly play a fundamental role in a customer’s purchasing decision-making process, also thanks to the great visibility offered by the world of the web and social media.

For this reason, I can help brands create images that can enhance their pet products and that can tell their story, values and characteristics. The photographs will be suitable both for publication in catalogues, advertising posters and other printed products and for publication on social media, websites and on electronic devices in general.

I can best promote:

• Collars, leashes
• Pet food
• Toys for dogs, cats and other animals
• Kennels
• Products of various kinds related to the world of pets

The brands I collaborate with share with me a passion for the world of pets, without ever losing sight of their well-being and environmental sustainability.


The brand can send me directly the products they want me to photograph, or we will organize a shooting day together supervised by the brand itself. Before the service we will prepare a mood board that shows exactly what you want to achieve. After taking some test shots, once approved, I will proceed to take the final photos of the products.


Model scouting can be carried out by the photographer or the brand depending on preference; At my disposal I already have a list of potential models tested during other shootings, of various sizes, both purebred and mixed breed. Model scouting is an additional cost.


It is possible to take photographs of products worn (or with interaction in the case of bowls, kennels…) or not worn (or without interaction) both in the studio and outdoors. Outdoor photographs will be contextualized in lifestyle style; backdrops of different colors will be used in the studio. In both cases the mood will be analyzed to choose the most suitable location or the best lighting set.


The estimate varies not only based on the number of shots, but also depending on the number of models required for the photo shoot if the product is to be represented through a “pet”, the number of locations for the lifestyle shots, the number and color of the backdrops, the need for a groomer to prepare the animals.


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