fotografo per cani professionista HI! I'm Alessia

Who I am

Are you looking for a dog photographer in Varese and its province (but also Milan, Como and beyond)?

I was born in 1990, I live in Varese and I am a professional dog photographer.

Great lover of travel and wildlife photography, I approached the world of dog photography during the 2020 lockdown thanks to Mokoro, my cowardly dog ​​and the only “wild” model at my disposal.

Because of my love for both photography and dogs, from the first shot I realized I wanted to turn these two passions into a job and I attended workshops and a master course in dog photography with photographers of international fame.

I love the idea of ​​giving someone unique memories of their 4-legged friend.
I love shooting outdoors with natural light, especially among the flowers.
I love to forge a special bond with each dog I photograph, which allows me to take shots in an environment that is peaceful and fun for them.
I also love to photograph other animals, cats, birds, horses, rabbits and other rodents.

Are you looking for a dog photographer?

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