Hello, I'm Alessia!

I live in Varese and I am a dog photographer.

My story

Since I discovered photography, my world has changed and I have concentrated all of myself in this passion, with its joys and sorrows.

I’ve always been a great lover of travel and wildlife photography; I approached the world of dog photography during the first lockdown thanks to Mokoro, my irreplaceable cowardly dog and the only “wild” model at my disposal.

Given the great love for both photography and dogs, from the very first shot of Mokoro I realized I wanted to turn these two passions into a job, become a photographer for dogs (and other pets), and I attended workshops and courses specialization in dog photography with internationally renowned photographers such as Claudio Piccoli and Emily Abrahams. I find that constant training should be one of the fundamental pillars in a photographer’s career.

My idea of ​​photography

Even when life appears gray, it is actually full of hiding colors. This is why my photos often have vibrant colors: I want your pet’s memories to be colorful and full of energy, exactly as he appears to your eyes.

I love the idea of ​​giving someone unique memories of their 4-legged friend.
I love shooting outdoors in natural light, especially among the flowers.
I love to take the right time during the shooting to forge a special bond with each dog I photograph, which allows me to take shots in an environment that is peaceful and fun for them.
I also love to photograph other animals, cats, birds, horses, rabbits and rodents, each one has its uniqueness to discover.

I am a very fussy person in everything I do and in one of my photographs nothing is left to chance: every pose, every color, every nuance, every detail. Each photo I give you is made and post-produced with all the passion I have, the same one I put in those I publish on my pages.

What can I do for you

Let me accompany you on this exciting journey with your animal friend: let’s take a break together to experience a unique moment, memories are the most precious thing there is.

I want to tell the story of your pet, who lives in you with all his love and loyalty, for this very short time of his.

Together we can create a wonderful tale.

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