Dog photo shoots

How it works

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Find out how a pet photography shoot works and who it is for

How and why

Why should you treat yourself to a photo shoot with your pet?

To live a unique experience with your dog.
To have beautiful photos available forever to share or print, to stop time.

Before our meeting

Before our meeting I will send you a form to fill out with some questions about your dog (don’t worry, nothing difficult! Character, habits, known commands, predispositions, food intolerances).

We will talk about the type of photographs you had in mind to take (in the city, in nature, in an enclosed environment) in order to identify the suitable location together, looking at some examples together.

The right light is essential for the success of our shooting, so we will have to choose the day and time also taking into account the weather conditions (we will hear from you a few days before the date set to confirm or reorganize).

The day of the meeting

On the day of the meeting I will take the time to get to know your pet and we will only start when he is comfortable with me and my photographic equipment.

Your collaboration will be fundamental: I will need all your help for the success of the service, you will have to help me with the management of the dog, putting him in a pose, playing with him and calling him at the right time to attract his attention to me. You will both have a lot of fun!

In the next days

In the days following the shooting, I will upload the proofs of the shots taken in low quality in an area reserved for you on my website. You will be able to choose the ones you prefer in the number we have agreed upon. I will edit the chosen photos and deliver them to you within 60 days!

Dogs photo shoot

Your model dog for a day: a unique experience to do together in the location you prefer.


Puppies photo shoot

Photographs of each stage of the puppy's growth taken on a regular basis to document each progress.

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Family photo shoot

Photographs that highlight the solid and special bond that exists between a dog and its human family.


One day photo event

One-day event at your dog center or business. Choose from Holi powders, Christmas sets, kibble tosses...

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Photo shoot for kennels and non-profit organizations

Free photo shoots for kennels and non-profit organizations, because a photo that does justice can be the first step to a new life.

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Photo shoot for breeders

Photographic services for litters and adults suitable for promoting breeding with professional images.

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Photo shoot for products

Images for commercial use of products dedicated to the pet world, set in the studio or outdoors.

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Frequent questions

I do dog photo shoots, cat photo shoots, rabbit photo shoots, rat photo shoots, bird photo shoots, hamster photo shoots, turtle photo shoots … in short, any small or large pet!

My “base” is in Varese, but I can move throughout the province of Varese, the province of Milan, the province of Como and in general throughout Italy! Transfers within 30km from Besozzo (VA) are included in the price of the shooting. For longer distances an additional cost will be applied.

The time it takes. From 1 hour to a whole afternoon. If your dog is fearful, it may take longer for him to trust me: for this reason, the animal’s learning phase must have the right duration. It is very important that the dog has fun between one shot and the next: we will take breaks every 5, maximum 10 minutes of shooting.

There are beautiful locations in my areas where we can take pictures of your pet. If you prefer, we can also take the shots in your area or even at your home! The important thing is that your dog feels comfortable in the environment that has been chosen and that you send me some photographs taken by you of the location, so that he can organize me with the right equipment.

It is common thought that it is much easier to take photographs on a beautiful sunny day. Instead, the best conditions can be obtained during cloudy or partially covered days, or at dawn and dusk! In case of full sun we will have to find shaded areas to exploit! During the various periods of the year it is possible to take advantage of flowers, orange leaves, snow and everything that nature has to offer. In the studio there are no problems, we create the light and the weather cannot hinder us!

I will ask you to bring treats to reward your furry friend during the photo shoot, games, sound calls and anything that can draw his attention to the lens, the leash and collar for his safety and any accessories you want to wear to your dog during the shooting. I’ll send you a list a few days in advance, so you won’t forget anything! Ah, don’t forget your pet!

Absolutely not. I will respect the age of your pet for its well-being during the photo shoot.

Do not worry! If you are not 100% sure that your dog can be safely free, we can keep him on a leash during the shoot! I’ll take it off in post production!

If you want to appear in the photographs together with your dog, we will evaluate your outfit together a few days before so that it adapts to the type of photo we have decided to take.