Dog photo studio

Dogs in a studio

Dog photo studio

Any dog can become the protagonist of studio portraits.


In my studio or at your home, I will bring the necessary, we just need a 3x3 space.


Whenever you want! Even in the evening and in case of bad weather.


Any dog ​​can become the shining star of studio portraits.

Did you know that it is possible to create a photo shoot for dogs in the studio as well as in the open air?

If you want some photos of dogs in the studio you can contact me. I will make my photographic studio for dogs and other small pets available to you, equipped with backdrops, flashes and diffusers.

In the studio it is possible to create a large number of portraits, serious or funny, very different from outdoor photos! An example? The hilarious launch of the croquettes! Funny face guaranteed!


Why should you treat yourself to a shooting with your dog?

To live a unique experience with your best friend.
To have beautiful photos available to share or print forever, to stop time.

Before our meeting

Before our meeting I will send you a form to fill out with some questions about your pet (don’t worry, nothing difficult! Character, habits, known commands, predispositions, food intolerances).

We will talk about the type of photographs you had in mind to take in order to best prepare for your photo shoot (e.g. color of the backdrop, types of photos you like).

Being a shooting with controlled lights we can do it at any time of the day or evening, both during the week and on the weekend, even in case of rain!

On the day of the meeting

On the day of the meeting I will take the time necessary to get to know your dog and we will only start when he is comfortable with me and my photographic equipment.

Your collaboration will be fundamental: I will need all your help for the success of the service, you will have to help me with the management of your 4-legged friend, posing him, playing with him and calling him back at the right time to attract his attention towards you. myself. You will both have a lot of fun!

In the next days

In the days following the shooting I will upload the proofs of the shots taken in low quality in an area reserved for you on my website. You will be able to choose the ones you prefer in the number we have agreed. I will edit the chosen photos and deliver them to you within 60 days!

Studio photoshoot for dogs

Your model dog for a day: a unique experience to do together in my studio in Varese.


Puppy photo shoot

Photographs of each stage of the puppy's growth taken on a regular basis to document every progress.


Family photoshoot

Photographs that highlight the solid and special bond that exists between a dog and his human family.


Product photo shoot

Images for commercial use of products dedicated to the pet world, set in the studio or outdoors.

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One day photography event

One-day event with thematic sets depending on the period: croquette throwing, Christmas, Valentine's Day, bubbles.

More info

Photoshoot for breeders

Photographic services for litters and adults suitable for promoting breeding with professional images.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I do dog photoshoots, cat photoshoots, rabbit photoshoots, rat photoshoots, bird photoshoots, hamster photoshoots, turtle photoshoots… in short, any small or large pet!

My studio is located in via Bainsizza 49 in Varese

Of course! I can bring the studio equipment to your home, we just need an indoor space of about 3x3m.

Being a shooting with controlled lights we can do it at any time of the day or evening, both during the week and on the weekend, even in case of rain!

The time it takes. From 1 hour to a whole afternoon. If your dog is fearful, it may take longer for him to trust me and get used to the flash: for this the cognitive phase of the animal must have the right duration. It is very important that the dog has fun between one shot and the next: we will take breaks every 5 minutes.

Do not worry! All photographic equipment is absolutely safe for your pet. We will get him accustomed to the flash of the flash gradually by rewarding it often. He will like it, now my dog as soon as he sees a flash he poses because he has understood that he is eating!

Absolutely not. I will respect the age of your pet for its well-being during the photo shoot.

I will ask you to bring treats to reward your furry friend during the photo shoot or to make the launch of the croquettes, games, sound calls and everything that can attract his attention to the goal, and any accessories you want to wear to your dog during the shooting.

If you want to appear in the photographs together with your dog, we will evaluate your outfit together a few days before so that it adapts to the type of photo we have decided to take.

The studio is cleaned after each client with products that are not harmful to pets (e.g. kennel cleaning products). This way the space is safe for all dogs!

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