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Prices & Products

On this page you will find the packages with the relative prices and the printing products that you can request to complete the experience. Remember that the service is completely customizable!

In addition

Each additional photo compared to the standard packages:
from 1 to 5 photos - 25 € each / from 6 photos upwards - 20 € each

Each additional animal/person of the same household:
25 € - delivery of more photos than the photos of the package.

Shooting with holi powder: +35€ on the standard packages.

Reimbursement of expenses for shooting over 30km from Besozzo (VA) is requested (reimbursement for kilometers €0,50/0,70/km + possible accommodation).

A regular invoice will be issued. VAT not applicable on a flat-rate basis;
€ 2 stamp duty will be added to the list prices.


It is also possible to request the printing of:

⁃ Photo books (only with LARGE package) *
⁃ 10 × 15 or 13 × 18 files printed in slipcase and USB key
⁃ Photos*
⁃ High quality poster *
⁃ Panels and photo frames *
⁃ Photocalendars (only with MEDIUM and LARGE package)
⁃ Gadgets - key rings, stickers, magnets, retroprints, shopping bags ..
* available in various formats and on various media

Scopri i prodotti


When you print a photo, you make the shooting experience even more tangible. If a photo already excites you on your computer, my advice is to print it: you will love it and you can really admire its quality with the best light and colors. I only choose printers who can provide me with the highest quality in terms of aesthetics and quality

Fill your home with a new piece of art, created together!

Photographic or Fine Art paper

By printing a photograph you can admire its quality with the best light, contrast and colors.
I will choose the type of paper suitable for the best rendering of the photograph, even “FineArt”.
Photographs can be printed with either a white frame or without.

DIMENSIONS: 10X15 13X18 20X30 30X45 40X60


To make your home a true art gallery, choose the hand-made solid wood frame with passepartout. 10 types of frame available to adapt to any type of furniture, the passepartout is made with acid-free museum paper and wood fibers, to ensure maximum resistance over time.

DIMENSIONS: 20x30 30x45 40x60

Gallery Print

If you are looking for maximum clarity, a gallery print is for you. The glossy surface offers high brightness and brilliant color rendering. The material it is made of guarantees its longevity.

DIMENSIONS: 20x30 30x45 40x60


Suitable for decorating homes and offices, printing on aluminum on a matte surface has a high chromatic intensity and sharpness. The panel, 3mm thick, is very resistant to atmospheric agents. Available with various fixings.

DIMENSIONS: 20x30 30x45 40x60

PVC panel

The FOREX® PVC rigid foam panel has a truly modern style and, thanks to its resistance, is also suitable for outdoor use and humid rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. It is a light material, and is also suitable for setting up stands and advertising.

DIMENSIONS: 20x30 30x45 40x60


Delicate and natural canvas structure, hand-cleaned on a wooden frame. The photograph also continues along the edges (with a thickness of 2cm), thus creating a three-dimensional effect, without having to add a frame.

DIMENSIONS: 20x30 30x45 40x60

Wooden box with USB

Keep your shots in a splendid USB stick with wooden box with Alessia Monaco Pet Photography logo. A copy of your shots that you can take with you, in a small pocket size. It is possible to personalize it with your pet's name.


Wooden box with USB and photos

A wooden box with Alessia Monaco Pet Photography logo that contains your printed photos and a USB key with digital files. A keepsake to display and look at whenever you want. It is possible to personalize it with your pet's name. The perfect gift to accompany a Gift Card!


Photo book

The photo book combines all the photos taken during the shooting into a single story. The panoramic binding allows you to place a photo on a double page to admire it in full size. Also available with padded cover and gift box and only in association with the "Large" package or with the purchase of at least 20 photographs.


A whole year in the company of your pet: personalize your room with the 12-month wall calendar, a different photo every month! Spiral bound and classic photo paper or silk.

DIMENSIONS: 20x30 30x45

Digital gallery

Already included with all shoots except for the MINI size. It's your own password-protected online space. Thanks to the digital gallery you will never run the risk of losing your photos and you can look at them and download them whenever you want!


It is possible to request the printing of gadgets such as: mugs, canvas bags, retroprints, magnets, cushions, puzzles ...